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Hugo Boss Bottled Oud Saffron EDP
BOSS BOTTLED OUD is a magnificent amber fragrance, in which spicy, animalic and leather facets are fused with redolent oud woods. Delectable fruit notes of bergamot, apple and plum rest on an aromatic elixir of geranium, clove and cinnamon, fused...
Dhs. 430.00
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Hugo Boss Bottled Infinite EDP
The Man of Today navigates various roles in his life, whether pursuing success or seeking balance and authenticity. BOSS BOTTLED Infinite represents the Man of Today's aspiration to reconnect with his inner-self. An energizing and sensual perfume that combines the...
Dhs. 382.00
Hugo Boss The Scent For Him EDT
BOSS THE SCENT is the seductive Eau de Toilette for Men by BOSS Fragrances. An irresistible fragrance that invades the mind and leaves an enduring mark. BOSS THE SCENT boasts an exclusive ingredient from South Africa, the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit...
from Dhs. 400.00
Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord EDP
BOSS THE SCENT PRIVATE ACCORD For Her unveils a new chapter in the story of seduction according to BOSS Fragrances. An addictive Oriental Gourmand fragrance, this intoxicating Eau de Parfum resonates with the sensuality and self-confidence of the BOSS Woman,...
Dhs. 510.00
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Hugo Boss XX
Dhs. 196.00
Hugo Boss XX
The subtly feminine and sensuous Hugo XX by Hugo Boss eau de toilette for Women is a blend of the delicate scent of basmati rice with just a touch of jasmine. This scent is very feminine, adds some sensuality, and...
Dhs. 196.00
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Hugo Boss Element EDT
Make heads turn wherever you go with the intriguing aroma of the Boss Element Hugo Boss perfume. It has a unique combination of notes that ensures you of an exciting fragrance. This perfume opens with the watery and citrusy notes...
Dhs. 220.00
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Hugo Boss Bottled United EDT
Top Notes : Wild buchu, ozone Heart notes: Spearmint, peppermint Base Notes: Cashmeran Wood
Dhs. 333.00
Hugo Boss Man EDT
from Dhs. 220.00
Hugo Boss Man EDT
This aromatic green fragrance has a blend of lavender, green apple, mint, grapefruit, basil, carnation, sage, geranium, jasmine, patchouli, fir, and cedar
from Dhs. 220.00
Hugo Boss Bottled Man Of Today Edition EDT
Woody Spicy Fragrance Has A Blend Of Plum, Apple, Bergamot, Geranium, Cloves, Cinnamon, Mahogany, Sandalwood, Olive Wood, Vanilla, Vetiver, And Cedar
Dhs. 248.00
Hugo Boss Bottled Oud EDP
Hugo Boss launches a limited edition of its fragrance Boss Bottled from 1998. Boss Bottled Oud is available at certain retail outlets from May 2015. It represents a luxurious, high-quality release that contains 100% natural oud. The scent is described...
from Dhs. 435.00
Hugo Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic EDP
Dhs. 422.00 Dhs. 385.00
Hugo Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic EDP
BOSS BOTTLED OUD Aromatic is a luscious take on the classic BOTTLED OUD. With its orange flower note on top and seductive myrrh at heart, it is both seductive and comforting. The base notes of precious oud woods give the...
Dhs. 422.00 Dhs. 385.00
Hugo Boss Woman EDP
Hugo Boss Woman is fruity and floral aroma opens with zingy notes of pineapple and kiwi, evolving into sweet vanilla and sumptuous sandalwood and musk. Presented in a gorgeous, decorative bottle shape, White Femme would make a brilliant gift idea...
Dhs. 180.00
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Hugo Boss The Scent Parfum Edition
Parfum Edition unveils the most luxurious facets of BOSS The Scent For Him. A darker, more powerful version of the original fragrance, with top notes of ginger, heart notes of maninka fruit and orris, and base notes of leather and...
Dhs. 490.00
Hugo Boss Selection EDT
Boss Selection by Hugo Boss for Men Eau de Toilette exudes sophistication and charm. It has a scintillating aroma that is composed of a well-balanced a fusion of notes. It will utterly delight your senses and fill you up with...
Dhs. 210.00
Hugo Boss Orange For Men EDT
Top Notes : Apple and coriander Middle notes : incense and Sichuan pepper Base notes : Vanilla and woodsy base notes
Dhs. 177.00
Hugo Boss Bottled Intense EDP
Top Notes : apple and bergamot, gently wrapped in warm orange blossom Middle notes : geranium blended with notes of clove and cinnamon Base notes : sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver
Dhs. 392.00
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