Mugler Les Exceptions Woodissime EDP
Mugler’s exploration of the wood family delivers the opulent olfactory experience that is Les Exceptions – Woodissime. Centred around sensual oud, the fragrance also has strong notes of cedarwood and sandalwood, along with patchouli, vetiver and osmanthus for a floral...
Dhs. 808.00
Mugler Les Exceptions Supra Floral EDP
The intense aroma of Les Exceptions - Supra Floral from Mugler envelopes one in mystery. Centred around hyacinth, the bold scent gets its depth from incense and warm amber notes. The seductive fragrance is encased in a gorgeous art deco-inspired...
Dhs. 808.00
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Mugler Les Exceptions Over The Musk EDP
Over the Musk of Mugler is a floral wooden fragrance for men and women and contains unique ingredients such as amber, black pepper, ambrette cashmere and musk.
Dhs. 808.00
Mugler Les Exceptions Oriental Express EDP
Oriental Express of Mugler, an oriental perfume for men and women composed of distinctive ingredients of basil, sandalwood, vanilla and carrot seeds.
Dhs. 808.00
Mugler Les Exceptions Hot Cologne EDP
Hot Cologne of Mugler, a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men and women featuring a variety of ingredients: bitter orange, bergamot, orange and tangerine sprouts, coffee and lemon.
Dhs. 808.00
Mugler Les Exceptions Fougère Furieuse EDP
Reminiscent of a walk through a densely wooded forest, Les Exceptions - Fougère Furieuse from Mugler delivers an exhilarating sensory experience. The woody aroma is dotted with notes of citrus, geranium and amber, that delight the senses. This addictive perfume...
Dhs. 808.00
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